30 April 2012

I Don’t Remember


I don’t remember


The summer loves

And winter tragedies

Softly spoken promises

And bitter recrimination


I don’t remember


Any of you

Partners in crimes

Too sweet to resist


I don’t remember


Carved by bloody lies

And broken promises

Or the hand

That wielded the knife


I don’t remember


21 April 2012

Something’s Coming



Something’s coming…

Something’s coming

From a long way off

Bury your head

Plough a new furrow

Cultivate a little distance

From the past


20 April 2012

Kissing God

“Smoking this stuff is like kissing God” – hyperbole, he did a good line in embroidery. Of course the stuff was lethal – laced with DMT – Happy times spread across my face like the warmth of the morning sun and unfolded in my lap in a royal flush. 

I swam where the dolphins swam and ran where the children ran. I found the place where all the dreamers came from. I was as light as the breeze, as helpless as a child. I wouldn’t leave a ripple if you dropped me in the ocean. “See the little crystals? That’s the magic right there, in them crystals.” So he thought; the magic was in us – in the forms reflected in those crystals  – one of which was divine.

7 April 2012


They say we came from dust
And to dust we shall return
That there is no heaven above
No kingdom yet to come
But I can show you heaven
It’s ecstasy coming and going
Between flesh and blood
Because heaven's here on Earth
And its name is really love

6 April 2012

The Biggest Lie

You was the giant killer
Big chief of the Zulus
You was a hard man
King of the Hoodoos
Your word was law
Your name was God
But you’re the biggest lie
That has ever been told

2 April 2012


I dreamed that they banned music and silence softly ate at our minds and infiltrated our hearts until we were made of nothing but emptiness. Our voices contained no lyricism, or colour. Our thoughts contained no conflict, or wonder. Even our faces gave up and died – their blank countenances conveyed neither happiness nor pain, their egoless expressions were one and the same. A world without music was a world without tears, a world without laughter. A world without music was like a play without actors.
Image ‘Mute’ by Maya Kulenovic