14 September 2011

On My List

I made a list
Of folk I will not miss
You are at the top
I’d place the pennies on your eyes
I’d dance on your grave
If I only gave a shit
I’ll remember you
As someone, I can’t recollect
So don’t come round here
I don’t do forgive and forget
I won’t turn another cheek
Because I do unto others
Before they do unto me
Jesus wants me for a smoke screen
But I won’t fall for that
If the meek inherit the earth
It’ll be because it’s fucked
Just like you are

13 September 2011

Like A Dagger

I abandoned rhyme
As I abandoned reason
I like my words jagged
As crocodile teeth
Dirty as a whore’s tongue
And rabid as the breath
Of infected dogs
Rutting in the street
I don’t require prettifying
Or disinfecting
Keep those nice words
For old ladies
To sprinkle on their cakes
I want you to feel me
In you
I have no time
For ambiguity
Or tickling ears
I want to ram my words
Right down your throat
One day I’ll find the beat
That forces the rhythm
Of my concoction
Into your heart
Like a fucking dagger

2 September 2011

Can you see me now?

I could feel your eyes on me
Your cold, dead eyes on me
I could feel the spittle
From between
Your clenched teeth
Spray against my cheek
I could hear your words of hate
Feel your fists slam into me
All I want to know is
Can you see me now?
Can you see me?
Set the stars alight?
I’m beyond your reach
But I always was
Can you see me now?
Did you ever see me?