31 July 2017

Yer Mojo


you either got it

or you don’t got it

some folk

don’t have the ears

for it

some folk

don’t have the eyes

they’d be missing out

on something special

for most of the time

so let there be no doubt

as to the bottom line

if you can’t make it

then simply take it

just as long

as you don’t fake it

coz that would be a crime


28 July 2017



the calendar of memories

measures out the hours

in balmy summer afternoons

and sudden April showers

and I remember her

as snowflakes lost in play

I was a damp November morn

and she was Christmas day


26 July 2017

Beauty On The Bus


blow me a kiss

single return

returning home

a hard earned day

of daydreams

and negotiated silence

inner peace

for pieces of sky

the heavens shout out

with special relevance

blue and vast cavernous

swallows me whole

and then spits me out

this is not enough

but it’s all too much

coughing up

spewing out

piss and puke

where beauty stops

so does the bus





23 July 2017



he’s got a little sugar

in his tank

I don’t mind that

but he just crossed the line

with an unfamiliar touch

I wasn’t really offended

but this guy is my friend

I don’t know how I’ll feel

if he pulls that shit again