28 March 2014


Bobby and Susan were best buddies
It was purely platonic, so they said
In fact they were so close
That when I asked Susan home
Bobby came as well
I could tell he was crazy for her
His eyes never left her
As we sat drinking coffee
In my living room

I thought I had struck out
Things being the way they were
With Bobby there and all that
I stood up and stretched
Said it was time for my bed
Susan stood up and took my hand
As we both left the room
I clocked Bobby’s dial
There was a look on his face
I’ll never forget

14 March 2014

Rose Of Jericho


I pushed her buttons

And she opened up like a flower

What’s that the image of?

An unfolding fleshy flower

The sacred rose of Jericho

Tattooed to my ribs

The five wounds of Christ

The seven veils of wisdom

The smiling secret cyphers

Signalled between a lover’s lips

Behind closed doors

Between the sheets

Beneath the heaving flesh

Sliding – rolling on the mattress

Pressed against her bosom

Jammed between her thighs

Inside her velvet prison

My walls come tumbling down

But just in the moment



13 March 2014



Take him and lay him out on the tall trestles

Put him in the shop window

For passing trade to see

Maybe some use can yet be made of him

I won’t dirty my hands with the details

Some words cannot be retracted

I’ll just say that he was here and now is gone

On twenty one occasions I asked for his forgiveness

He just shrugged his shoulders and slouched away

“No”, was all he said

Come on girl – no use moping after him

His journey is over now

But ours is just begun.


1 March 2014



When did we learn how to hate?

Was it incremental

Like the constant drip, drip, drip

Of a leaking faucet

Delivering the droplets of hurt and humiliation

That gradually painted our hearts black?

Was it as sudden as the illumination of betrayal

The spike of ice cold acid in the veins

The shock of the inevitable,

The realisation of all our fears?

Or was it always there

Carried within

Before it ever had a name?