5 September 2012


I had expectations
Slender ones
Faint and penny plain
Tuppence worth please
I'm counting costs
For my rainy days
I might never work again
My mechanism is worn
With repetitious strain
And I stand here waiting
For a bus in the sodding rain
The blunt edge of depression
Carves me slowly once again
Every nerve and sinew is taught
But I don’t really mind
I’m a perverse and twisted soul
Who eschews the light of day
and has just enough self control
To keep the wolf at bay

1 September 2012



Meat and two veg

The order of the day

Egg and chips

Those trusty standbys

Powers cuts and strikes

Lock outs and riots

Calor gas evenings

Radio by candle light

The white heat of technology

The Tiber foaming red

Unfulfilled prophesies

Littered the dirty streets

Those were the days

Of sedentary bombs

In secret locations

Policemen & revolutionaries

Armies of occupation

The other Battle of Britain

Was waged in the dark