14 September 2012



I had expectations

Slender ones

Faint and

Penny plain

Tuppence worth please

I'm counting pennies

My mechanism is worn

Repetitious strain

Has taken its toll

And I stand waiting

For a dawn which does not come

Days pass in solemn procession

The blunt edge of depression

Carves me slowly

From the inside

Every nerve and sinew

Cry out for relief


I’m a glutton for punishment

A perverse and twisted soul

Who eschews the light of day

To opt for a heavy heart

And a life without parole

12 September 2012

The Deep Thing


I made with the prana bindu, the deep yoga, which isn’t easy with your head in a sack. I sprang up from the earth like a mud baby, fully cognisant of my contradictions, fully aware of my anachronism. The deep thing was, and this is the killer, the deep thing was; I’d never been born – I just was.

The whole birth thing was a load. I arranged my own birthing at the age of sixteen with a microdot of sunshine and a faulty map supplied by Timothy Leary. I baked the whole scheme with Crazy George and the downtown crew in a moment of pure elucidation one Saturday morn. I posted bulletins on the whole scenario to keep the crew informed and delved into the deep for the gratuitous gratification of all. I was on the cusp of the big wave, riding with the ergonauts of ecstasy and the deep thing was I’d never been born – I just was.


10 September 2012

Shark Face


I made of myself an alter

To my ego

I was just pretending

To be someone I wasn’t

For safety’s sake:

Self assured

Larger than life

With a shiny bright mojo

And the ring of confidence

In my crooked smile

I turned my dolphin

Into a shark


That’s it – no more

No more the hunter home from the kill

The sailor home from the sea

Foggy monsters

Draw idiot patterns on frosted lawns

This was the winter

Here’s what it meant...


Get a face load of shattered mirror

That always cracks me up

The tools of my trade

A fistful of diazepam

And a throat full of murders

Queer side effects

Like roasting headaches

And generous gestures

Inflated beyond reason


Coast to coast

My shore to yours

Separated by an ocean

Brimming with imagination

Divided by vast reefs

Peppered with shark towns

Where the big fish dine alfresco

And the little fish pray

To the great fish god

That they might know their place

And be spared

The savagery of self knowledge


2 September 2012


Darkwater (1)

Go gently now to sleep

Surrender to the night

Relax and float downstream

Through the muddy deltas

And estuaries of your mind

Succumb to the ebb and flow

Of somnambulistic tides

The undertow draws you down

To where the jellyfish and crabs

Dine on your dreams

And clown fish trigger your synapses

Into hypnological delirium

With tiny electric kisses

Your boat is softly sinking

Into the oceanic deep

Where you are no longer a number

But a multitude of luminous beings

Shoaling in a shining sea


1 September 2012



Meat and two veg

The order of the day

Egg and chips

Those trusty standbys

Powers cuts and strikes

Lock outs and riots

Calor gas evenings

Radio by candle light

The white heat of technology

The Tiber foaming red

Unfulfilled prophesies

Littered the dirty streets

Those were the days

Of sedentary bombs

In secret locations

Policemen & revolutionaries

Armies of occupation

The other Battle of Britain

Was waged in the dark