27 April 2014



she said the right things

she wore the right clothes

took the right drugs

read the right books

and listened to the right music

but she wasn’t right for me

there was something about her

that made me feel uneasy

she was too eager to please

her every action was

designed to gratify my needs

you’d think I’d enjoy that

but you’d be wrong

I felt caged by her love

I had all the power

and it proved a burden


we had a friendship

that caught fire

it was a matter of time

before we got burned

the love we shared

had a gravity of its own

it began to drag us down

it had to end somewhere

and it ended badly

one rainy night

it simply dissolved

she said she hated me

I didn’t doubt that

she wore her love

like and open wound

it was bound to leave a scar


20 April 2014



there were days

when we lived

as if we’d never


days we were


among the race

because our love

was the first love

to ever reach

those heights

we were sixteen

and did not know

that time was a thief

who’d steal our love

and leave us naught

but our memories


16 April 2014



It was a glorious summer’s day and I was pleasantly stoned. Two young missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints knocked on my door. I must have been pretty high because instead of palming them off with the usual spiel about my being an atheist I let them in. It was a hot day so I served them some cold lemonade.

We discussed the bible and Jesus Christ. They told me about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young and they gave me a Book of Mormon, so I thanked them. We even prayed together – though I did so with a certain amount of mirth. I talked and talked about Christ, Buddha and Krishna – mostly I just talked until they could not wait to leave. They informed me that they must be making tracks. I looked doubtful and said:

“Are you sure?”

“Yes” they replied

“That acid I gave you ought to be kicking in about now.” I informed them.

The blood drained from their faces as they reeled from the shock. They unravelled from smug satisfaction into deep consternation before my eyes. I laughed and shook my head.

“I’m only kidding. I wouldn’t do that to you guys.”

They seemed unconvinced and left rapidly - still in a state of shock. To this day No Mormon missionaries have knocked on my door since. I see them coming down the street going door to door, but they skip past mine. I think I’m on that database of theirs as doomed – an instrument of Satan.

12 April 2014

Little White Lies


once I had two lovers

I know what you’re thinking

you’re either thinking lucky dog

or filthy rat

I think the latter is more accurate

I was definitely some form of rodent

nervous and fearful of discovery

scurrying through the dark

from house to house

and back again


both girls new about the other

but it was still an emotional minefield

so I used to lie to them

little white lies to smooth the way

little white lies to spare their feelings

I’d make up stories about my day

never mentioning one to the other

I’d tell stories about where I’d been

and what I’d done there


I had deceit down to a fine art

it got easier to lie as time went by

until it was second nature to me

that’s the thing about lies

they breed like rabbits

one lie begat another

until I was swimming in an ocean

of those little white lies


when I took all those lies

those little white lies

and put them all together

they made up one big black lie

my whole life had become a lie

it was hard to keep up with them

and they were discovered

one by one

in the end I lost both girls

because I was such a liar

and liars seldom prosper