30 May 2011



Sticky black puddles radiate

Where unknown Gods baptize

Soft oozing words are featherweight

In luxurious velvet sighs

On clouds of expelled opiate

To recombine and synthesise

Soothing songs in tones sedate

Tell beautiful and welcome lies

16 May 2011



Fear is the prime motivator,

Fear is the organ of your reflex,

Hatred makes the world go round,

Binds our colony of fragile exiles,

Legions of patient coffin fillers,

Worm fodder for potter’s fields,

Golgotha’s funerary whores,

Suspicious of all that is other,

Macabre in tonal fascinations,

Nauseated by the difference of flesh,

Hungry for the blood of innocents,

Fearful of the shock of discovery,

And the blinding light of reason,

The meek shall play the long game,

Await instructions from above,

Everything is permitted,

Nothing is forbidden,

Unless it is forbidden,

If you are not with us,

Then you are against us,

You must choose sides,

There are no alternatives,

There is only one rule,

Obey all the rules.





11 May 2011

Idiot Lanterns


Fractured domiciles
strung with idiot lanterns
spit hot piss in my face
30 days,
30 rock,
48 hours,
60 minutes,
8 simple rules,
$64,000 questions,
for the American idle.
“I’m a non-entity,
get me out of here!”
Blast me
with your cathode raygun,
flash fry my brain
with the irrelevant and inane.
Talk show rancontuers
with lightweight banter
enliven Saturday night specials.
Steal my mojo
with their novocaine lines.
I’m stunted in that second hand daylight,
broken on the wheel of fortune.
I am the weakest link,
America’s next biggest loser,
fired into my demographic
slot machine.
I hit the jackpot
when they bound my imagination
with cable and tangled me up
with 300 channels
I could drown myself in.
They deliver to me
an important message
from my sponsor;
“Everyone who visits your toilet
is judging you”