11 May 2011

Idiot Lanterns


Fractured domiciles
strung with idiot lanterns
spit hot piss in my face
30 days,
30 rock,
48 hours,
60 minutes,
8 simple rules,
$64,000 questions,
for the American idle.
“I’m a non-entity,
get me out of here!”
Blast me
with your cathode raygun,
flash fry my brain
with the irrelevant and inane.
Talk show rancontuers
with lightweight banter
enliven Saturday night specials.
Steal my mojo
with their novocaine lines.
I’m stunted in that second hand daylight,
broken on the wheel of fortune.
I am the weakest link,
America’s next biggest loser,
fired into my demographic
slot machine.
I hit the jackpot
when they bound my imagination
with cable and tangled me up
with 300 channels
I could drown myself in.
They deliver to me
an important message
from my sponsor;
“Everyone who visits your toilet
is judging you”


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  2. Your writing is razor blade sharp. Marvelously addressed the issue of media zombification. You are one striking force.

    The world has turned into TV audience subordinate to the big advertiser, the God of empty entertainment. There is indeed only one way out of that flat screen dungeon, a button!

    "The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel." seems to fit this occasion, and how prophetic. But novelists do that in their imaginarium through their inner receiver.

  3. Thank you so much Lolita. The motto inscribed on the BBC's Broadcasting House reads 'And Nation Shall Speak Unto Nation' Who would have guessed it would be to deliver a personal hygiene message?

  4. Thank you Gypsywoman, you know I think TV shows should carry health notices; "WARNING! THE FOLLOWING PROGRAM MAY SAP YOUR WILL TO LIVE!"