28 March 2013

My Green Mind



Roll me a fat one

My brand of choice

God’s own medicine

Something I can use

To feel the touch

Of a higher power

There is one great truth

There is one great lie

No contradictions here

I embrace them both

Within my green mind


23 March 2013

Infant Song


The past brings no comfort

The future only uncertainty

You sing your infant song

To the succession of tomorrows

You gaze into the chasm

With no sense of wonder

But with shame and regret

That your time on earth

Was not better spent


7 March 2013

The day I died


When I called out

You couldn’t hear

I turned to talk

But you weren’t there

You left the works

But took the gear


How I wept

How I cried

I sent for a priest

But none arrived

Things were rough

The day I died