9 January 2018



dope him

rope him

tie him down

and smoke him

electrode his brainpan

with 20,000 megajolts

zap some sense into him

teach him to be well again

then take him downstairs

and chemically castrate him

with the great abomination

pump him with the ga ga juice

until he’s lost the will

kosh him ‘til his lights go out


4 January 2018



My credentials were impeccable

At least on paper, if not in the flesh

Your papers were forged

But I didn’t mind

You brought me more pleasure

Than a thousand dead poets

“The only good poet is a dead poet.”

Isn’t that what you said?

Imposters pout and posture

Across the page

With borrowed icons

And stolen voices

Genius lays face down in the gutter

Death is the final measure

Of its dedication to the craft

But not for me darlin’

I want to be adored, at least once

However briefly

And in this life, not the next


19 December 2017

Running Away


Had to bounce

Had no alternative

That place was my grave

The end of the road

You may think me a coward

Be that as it may

But I was running towards

Not running away


18 December 2017



Malky turned scatological

after a faulty mind meld

with Martin Luther

he’s all toilet bowl

and knob jokes now

Malky’s the chief

yodeller at the local

satanic lodge

they haven’t noticed

the difference in him

filth pours from their gobs

with a fervour borne of pigs

that shite fits some ears

better than others

it’s music to some

but ugly to me

it’s hard and hateful

and past its time

it lingers on still

because their reformation

is something tribal


15 December 2017

Owsley’s Bunker


I swapped the charismatic

For the lead - lined Kafkaesque

If I’m turning over a new leaf

I want my papers in order

Before heading south

Latest developments suggest

There may be trouble

At the border

But my disguise is perfect

I wear reason like a crown

And I’m so very high

I may never lay it down


This is coyote weather

The season of the cow

The days are drawing in

The nights grow more profound

Anything could happen here

And very often does

So I’m barricaded in

In case push comes to shove

They say a little orange juice

Will help to bring you down

But someone cut my strings

I no longer see the ground


10 December 2017



she was in worse shape

than anyone I ever seen

life had ground her down

until she signified nil

on the grand totem

one sorry night

just for the hee haw

we jacked her into the sing song

and we heard her howl

just like the dying

we seen then

that here was a woman

who’d sojourned so far

having lost so much

her’s were the ghosts

of dead infants

the transcripts

of coroner’s inquests

and the tattered fragments

of suicide letters unposted

the question was not

how she’d endured

for so long

but why


8 December 2017



the best part of me

is too often obscured

by the daily grind

of an ordinary life

only to be


in the unexpected hour

as a strange and familiar


beyond the reach

of the human eye


24 November 2017



Banish those tensions

With the smoke

That blossoms

In the mind

Check your coat

And your hat

And make this place

Your home

Flower assisted dreaming

Could be the catalyst

That sparks

Your re-evolution


9 November 2017



Fuck your games

And fuck you too

You have no shape

No solid connection

Nothing to guide you

You don’t know

What happens next

But I do, yes I do

There are lifeboats available

Why don’t you get on one?

Your ship won’t be coming in

For years you held me hostage

Just in case you were discovered

I was your ace in the hole

Your prisoner of fortune

But I won’t go down with you

Now that your ship is sinking

While the band plays on

The melody is familiar

But it’s just not your song


8 November 2017



When the music stopped

So did the world


Echoing on for a glimmer

Like the final words

Of some old book

‘Surely I come quickly. Amen.’

And how will the dead dance

But in silence?

Not one tear will bring us solace

In the turning of a million years

This was our soul, our empathy

When we raised our voices

To sing along together

Not as a choir, but as a race

Now mute and alone

Who now will sing our song?


27 October 2017

A Prayer


Our sponsors

Who are relentless

Anonymous are thy names

But thine kingdom come

Thine will be done

At home

As it is in commerce

Forgive us our debts

As we forgive those

Who foreclose against us

Give us this day our daily fix

Of sex and soap and politics

And lead us not into temptation

For temptations sake

But deliver us from sequels

For thou art the kingpins

With the power of transmission

Now and forever



26 October 2017

A Farewell


I felt the weight of it in my chest

The heft of it on my heart

I dared not remember

Nor did I care to forget

The little death

You left in your wake

You were wrenched from my life

In the cruellest of ways

And I yearned for your laughter

As I drowned in your tears

And I mourned for your love

For a thousand years