13 June 2020


they stole my breath away   those burning babylonians   I was with them   at least in spirit   I'd tear the whole thing down   and grind the rubble to dust   let some vital spark      borne by angels   towards the promise of better tomorrows   be forged in fire and prayer     I want to feel that heat on my face    the barricades and burnt out squad cars   the looter shooters   and lambs to slaughter      this world is old    bring on the next   i have a hard on for dread vibrations    we are witness to the death row convulsions  of a dying culture    but we can foment a new paradise    if we learn to live as children    beneath the mother sun

5 June 2020

Agents Of Chaos

wash away

the glamour of violence

and the suicidal glitz

all you have left

is hunger

we trade in sweat and blood

sweat puts meat on the table

and blood seals

our compact with nature

for we are fearsome

agents of chaos

the murderous ape

destroyer of worlds

23 May 2020

Temporarily Buddha

I was mousetrapped

locked within my closet

my eyes were sewn wide shut

by myriad instructors

but I fell from the gravy train

and lost all my luggage

my scribbled entries

were smudged by tears

and washed away in traffic

I was tippexed out

I had mislaid my name

and had to start again

21 May 2020


there are skag villains neatly
bungalowed  on every suburban street
and there are fleshy instructors
festering in every tenement close
I've seen uncle bluebeard
and his tribe of mutant terriers
cashing subs at the post office
they normalised incompetence
so that he could claim disability
the poison radiates outward
from the point of corruption
I picked mine up at school
because I was paying attention
all justice is arbitrary
and rope is for lynchings
there is comfort within the flock
but we must obey the dog

2 May 2020


my bones ache

I’m infected

with ghosts

the kind that grind

a man to dust

this confinement

withers me

desiccated notes

and ancient rituals

crowd my nights

with recollection

I shield my eyes

from the righteous

dread vibrations

of straw witnesses

and trial by radiation

in the pale false dawn

28 April 2020


the committee gave me

the full inquisition

but my numbers were good

so I got a pat on the back

and sent on my way

they couldn’t tell

I’d cooked the books

to an old family recipe

where the left hand don’t know

who the right hand is screwing

I’m not dishonest

I’m just being realistic

everybody does it

and only a fool would starve

when there’s gravy to be had

I’m not a greedy man

I don’t take enough

to get myself noticed

I simply skim the cream

on its way to the top

24 April 2020

Many Waters

this poor boy

gets all ego inflated

and is counter indicated

for most applications

his bi polar co-ordinates

mean he’s lost

and he’s found

in repetitive cycles


due to the unique way

his head is located

he gets to harmonise

with those dissonances

that tend to tie other men

in bloody Gordian knots

he’s as heavy as dread

but walks on many waters

he’s the captain of chaos

a dispenser of wonders

he’s a friend to all men

but servant to none

22 April 2020

Distant Suns

the light from distant suns

shines on when they are gone

but when our day is done

will our lights shine on?

shall the lights of men

ever be seen again?

or will others of our kind

say that we were blind?

20 April 2020

King Of The Clowns

steal me a blanket

and let me lay down

there’s no grace in heaven

none that I’ve found

twelve strange disciples

from holier ground

sold me some garbage

and an antique crown

I’m lord of this shithole

and king of the clowns

18 April 2020


thought is the most courageous crime

but you must go beyond the static of the tribe

and their blandishments of mediocrity

you best conduct your business in ciphers

or they will know you ain’t from round here

because they don’t take to outsiders

they ain’t intimidated by reason

and they’re offended by science

they have a wizard to guide them

all facts are false and reality is negotiable

in his machiavellian flea circus

he says jump and they ask how high?

they do as they’re told

but they don’t know why