10 December 2017



she was in worse shape

than any one I ever seen

life had ground her down

until she cast no shadow

and signified nil

on the grand totem

one sorry night

just for the hee haw

we jacked her into the sing song

and we heard her howl

just like the dying

we seen then

that here was a woman

who’d sojourned far

having lost so much

her’s were the ghosts

of dead infants

the transcripts

of coroner’s inquests

and the tattered fragments

of suicide letters unposted

the question was not

how she’d endured

for so long

but why


8 December 2017



the best part of me

is too often obscured

by the daily grind

of an ordinary life

only to be


in the unexpected hour

as a strange and familiar


beyond the reach

of the human eye


24 November 2017



Banish those tensions

With the smoke

That blossoms

In the mind

Check your coat

And your hat

And make this place

Your home

Flower assisted dreaming

Could be the catalyst

That sparks

Your re-evolution


9 November 2017



Fuck your games

And fuck you too

You have no shape

No solid connection

Nothing to guide you

You don’t know

What happens next

But I do, yes I do

There are lifeboats available

Why don’t you get on one?

Your ship won’t be coming in

For years you held me hostage

Just in case you were discovered

I was your ace in the hole

Your prisoner of fortune

But I won’t go down with you

Now that your ship is sinking

While the band plays on

The melody is familiar

But it’s just not your song


8 November 2017



When the music stopped

So did the world


Echoing on for a glimmer

Like the final words

Of some old book

‘Surely I come quickly. Amen.’

And how will the dead dance

But in silence?

Not one tear will bring us solace

In the turning of a million years

This was our soul, our empathy

When we raised our voices

To sing along together

Not as a choir, but as a race

Now mute and alone

Who now will sing our song?


27 October 2017

A Prayer


Our sponsors

Who are relentless

Anonymous are thy names

But thine kingdom come

Thine will be done

At home

As it is in commerce

Forgive us our debts

As we forgive those

Who foreclose against us

Give us this day our daily fix

Of sex and soap and politics

And lead us not into temptation

For temptations sake

But deliver us from sequels

For thou art the kingpins

With the power of transmission

Now and forever



26 October 2017

A Farewell


I felt the weight of it in my chest

The heft of it on my heart

I dared not remember

Nor did I care to forget

The little death

You left in your wake

You were wrenched from my life

In the cruellest of ways

And I yearned for your laughter

As I drowned in your tears

And I mourned for your love

For a thousand years


18 October 2017

Milk & Honey


3 am again

same old

same old

pavlovian routine

the incessant splatter

of bloody raindrops

on my window panes

the drip, drip, drip

of memories predisposed

to the anachronism

of my wicked, but splendid


if they could only feel me now

what would they say?

they think I’m teflon

and that nothing sticks to me

the facade is faultless

but the interior corrupt

I’m faded and jaded

since those days

of infidelity and loss

my nights are fainter

and spent figuring

memorial alphabets

into novel expressions

that pierce my ears

to fill my head

with poisoned splinters

a little milk and honey

is all I’m asking

a little milk and honey

to nourish and sustain me

through the bitter hours

before the coming dawn


4 October 2017

The Seventh Sacrament


Somebody put soul food

in my midday fodder,

spiked me with holy water,

and pulled my knickers down.

Those bare arse cheeks

were of little consequence;

provided that the heavy hit,

distilled from heavy shit,

concealed my embarrassment;

along with a litany of grievous sins

hitherto unrecorded.


The testament euphoric

melted my studied indifference

with billion dollar words;

laying on a smooth line in piety,

nauseatingly hypocritical

under any circumstances,

but doubly so in mine.


I never seen it coming,

but brother I was stoned

and guilty of those pleasures

far too long deferred

on receipt of holy orders.

Those creature comforts keep

most men in stolid sleep

and sleeping is a sin

akin to blissful ignorance.


So don’t never tell no one

what has passed between,

cause no-one needs to know,

and you know what I mean.

The fruit of all my labours,

the seeds that I have sown,

could go excommunicado

with bitter denunciations

and the casting of first stones.



27 September 2017

Poor Cow


In the languorous haze

Of the afternoon sun

I stared at her breasts

Heaving as she drew

Each labouring breath

Beneath me

As I drove home my seed

Amidst the tall grass

And I hated her then

I loathed her

As I wanted her

The flies surrounded

Her corpulent flesh

And I saw her dead

In her rictus gaping

And the fecund

Detritus of her lust

And I knew it was over

Before it had ever begun


The Blood In My Eyes


I brought the bad news

judiciously carved

into reasonable chunks

that were easy to swallow

but hard to digest

there was the momentum

of some terrible gravity

behind my every word

each was weighed

and then dispensed

on tablets of stone

saying; if you cast the first

then I shall cast the last

it was a diabolical pact

but I just couldn’t see

for the blood in my eyes

had so blinded me




Fear is the prime motivator,

Fear is the organ of our reflex,

Fear makes the world go round,

Binds our colony of fragile exiles,

Legions of patient coffin fillers,

Worm fodder for potter’s field,

Golgotha’s funerary whores,

Suspicious of all that is other,

Macabre in tonal fascinations,

Nauseated by the difference of flesh,

Hungry for the blood of innocents,

Fearful of the shock of discovery,

And the blinding light of reason,

The meek shall play the long game,

Await instructions from above,

Everything is permitted,

Nothing is forbidden,

Unless it is forbidden,

If you are not with us,

Then you are against us,

You must choose sides,

There are no alternatives,

There is only one rule,

Obey all the rules.