20 April 2012

Kissing God


“Smoking this stuff is like kissing God” – hyperbole, he did a good line in embroidery. Of course the stuff was lethal – laced with DMT – Happy times spread across my face like the warmth of the morning sun and unfolded in my lap like a royal flush. I swam where the dolphins swam and ran where the children ran. I found the place where all the dreamers came from. I was as light as the breeze, as helpless as a child. I wouldn’t leave a ripple if you dropped me in the ocean. “See the little crystals? That’s the magic right there, in them crystals.” So he thought; the magic was in us – in the forms reflected in that crystal fountain – one of which was God.



  1. Mesmerizing like looking at the sea fractals. Ecstatic to the point of plunging in all this life

  2. Thank you my dear - just a snippet of a past life