2 April 2012


I dreamed that they banned music and silence softly ate at our minds and infiltrated our hearts until we were made of nothing but emptiness. Our voices contained no lyricism, or colour. Our thoughts contained no conflict, or wonder. Even our faces gave up and died – their blank countenances conveyed neither happiness nor pain, their egoless expressions were one and the same. A world without music was a world without tears, a world without laughter. A world without music was like a play without actors.
Image ‘Mute’ by Maya Kulenovic


  1. Silence is a good friend sometimes,
    whenever we need, it's there- but like everything, we need to know dose.

    So beautiful text, leads us to reflect,
    imagine and give value to life.

  2. Yeah, but imagine eternal silence - Imagine a world without Funkadelic!