26 July 2012

Wake Up Call


This is my wake-up call

A psychoactive breakfast

And my morning is unfolding

Another wasted day awaits me

Time is my only enemy

She has wounded me fatally

My glass intentions shatter

Into fragments of loss

But I don’t care for that

I already paid the cost

This is how I get my ya ya’s

Messing with the ha ha’s

Tiny people are moved

To giant purpose

Obscured by time

Rocks are pounded to sand

By her relentless course

Entwined in her web

Our days are numbered

And the number is small

It’s easy to see

With eyes half closed

(Lids are heavy still)

Hypno cogs and wheels

The machinery of the whole

That tangle of form and purpose

Seems so simple to me now

But what it means to be human

Is left unresolved


24 July 2012

Lords of Destruction


They eat their gods in the west

And they sacrifice their children

Hungry little acolytes

Eager for the ritual

Pay homage to the mothman

Seed horror in their living rooms

Cultivate madness in their bedrooms

A luckless generation of lone gunmen

Wait to splatter their message

Across schoolyards and theatres

There is no value in life

The raw edge alone has meaning

Only destruction has purpose


23 July 2012

The bough that breaks

Tender is the heart
The bough that breaks
And falls apart
Lonely is the soul
Who’s hurt to deep
To be consoled
Have mercy on the ones
Who try their best
To understand
Everyone must fall
If they are to love at all

22 July 2012



The Sabbath’s crystal chimes

Sound for hollow hearts

Beneath soft bleached skies

The white of peaceful hours

Spent in empty stagnation

The woolly day dwindles

Like so many others

A lifetime of pale Sundays

Where nothing ever happens

In comfortable suburban climes


Praise for the goddess

The flesh of the sun god
Covers your eyes
Golden and splendid
Your vision of paradise
The walls of Babylon
Blue as lapis
The painted ziggurat
The tower of tongues
A carnival of souls
Praising the goddess
Makes joyful procession
Through your heart
Yours is the wonder
Yours is the glory
The colours of passion
Hold sway in that organ

21 July 2012



We built a bridge to the sun

To discover brand new lands

In the kingdom of the heart

But those were chocolate dreams

Which melted as the day wore on

History does not linger long

And there is no moral to our tale

There is nothing to be learned

From our mistakes

But that mistakes were made

And will be made again


15 July 2012

Shotgun Messenger


The shotgun messenger

In your chicken shack

Delivers sawn off bulletins

Ill tidings sent into the night

News that burns carbon black

Like your cold and empty heart

You placed your bets

On a strangers smile

But where did you go

When the lights went out?

You played the game

The best you could

But all you gained - you lost

You thought you could make it

All on your own

You thought you were a winner

But all that makes up our lives

All that’s wrong and right

Is but a fleeting memory

Ours to hold, but not too tight

10 July 2012


Dummy up and listen good
While I pour moonshine in your ears
We got no homes to go to
And no-one waiting there
The world is big
But not big enough
For us to fit in
We’re the bad apples
Who spoiled the whole barrel
Fitted up on charges of vagrancy
For wearing out our shoes
We were kings of the highways
With no roof to tie us down
No man could boss us around
Now we live with doors unhinged
And when the smoke has cleared
All we have is empty pockets
But once we’re back on the road
We’ll be livin’ high on the hog
Low down on the greasy pole