15 July 2012

Shotgun Messenger


The shotgun messenger

In your chicken shack

Delivers sawn off bulletins

Ill tidings sent into the night

News that burns carbon black

Like your cold and empty heart

You placed your bets

On a strangers smile

But where did you go

When the lights went out?

You played the game

The best you could

But all you gained - you lost

You thought you could make it

All on your own

You thought you were a winner

But all that makes up our lives

All that’s wrong and right

Is but a fleeting memory

Ours to hold, but not too tight


  1. very well written, as your writings generally are. i enjoy reading and living each piece.

  2. Thank you Sarah Nicole. You are too kind.

  3. Rigorously and ultimately executed, most often you shoot to kill the reader :)

  4. Thank you Lolita, I aim to please :)