29 May 2013



I’ll never sleep again

defend myself from the machine

I’ll cultivate a mind

anticipate the sun in my own garden

my head is my only house

proof against the rain

the disaster of modernity

the death of imagination

will not drag me down

I am my own holocaust

I supply the motivation

to deny the end of dreaming

the cathode ray

may fry my brain

my mind remains inviolate

something warm and permanent

will fill my veins

something solid

will occupy my head

I shall remain intact

and perfectly detached


24 May 2013

Straw Man


The days we spent in jail

Confined in separate cells

Only cemented our love

So we told the judge

I had to reinvent the world

To accommodate your lies

You kicked me where it hurts

But I came back for more

Your promises had broken wings

They never left the ground

Your nicotine stained eyes

Have obscured your face

You’re a straw man

A conscience for sale

The knife in my back

Attests to your betrayal

The old man said

“Never trust the stupid”

I thought that he meant me

But you were the Judas Goat

I was too blind to see