24 October 2011



All truth is manmade. We make the truth; there is no truth that we did not create. Truth is dangerous, be careful with it. Truth can set you free, it can burn you too. Mostly truth is one big lie. The one big lie that ties you down, that draws you under. Beware of truth; truth is an imposter. Truth is stranger than fiction and usually less probable. They say that the truth will prevail, but it just isn’t so. Just as every lie contains a kernel of truth, so every truth is made of little white lies. Of course you should always tell the truth as you see it, but remember that one man’s truth is another man’s lie.



  1. Dirty ragged ghost that lurks in the dark. You have done it again, as if you have this super weapon that detects every sphere of human suffering that is made of nothing but delusions and hollow air. Its so liberating to see them all blown away with your big bad gun

  2. That's what guns are for - if he didn't want us to shoot he'd never have given us guns.