31 October 2011

Cabbage White


Nothing corrupts

Like a father’s love

A few blows

Some bruises

A thousand humiliations

You little shit

You bastard


Melodies from an opera of cruelty

Words that trample on my heart

Like big work boots

Filthy, ugly boots

I look for a place in the sunshine

Hidden in the tall grass

Among the crickets and the flies

And the cool earth

The fire pours from the sky

But not as hot as the abuse

That pours from his burning lips

Every syllable scalds my young ears

And makes my head ring

I sweep the leaves

Great mounds of dead moths

There is a butterfly fluttering

In the corridor of light

An ordinary Cabbage White

But beautiful just the same

I want to shield its ears

I wish we could fly off together



  1. This got to me deeply, turned me inside out and left me bleeding. Hard hard verse, and utterly beautiful

  2. Sonnets, so many, too many recite to their children...

  3. One day my brother the world will quote your sparkling diamond poems...