31 October 2011

Cabbage White


nothing corrupts a boy
like his father’s love
a few blows here ‘n’ there
some bruises,a little blood
and a thousand humiliations
cause you're a useless cunt
you're shit, you're a prick
an’ you’re  fuckin’ thick
words that trampled my heart
like his big work boots
his filthy, ugly boots
I looked for a place in the shade
closer to the cool earth
while fire poured from the sky
but it wasn’t as hot as his words
there was butterfly illuminated
in a corridor of light
it was nothing very special
an ordinary Cabbage White
but it was beautiful to me
I’d have joined him in his flight
I’d have gladly run away
but that could never be
and so I had to stay


  1. Sonnets, so many, too many recite to their children...

  2. One day my brother the world will quote your sparkling diamond poems...