4 October 2011

Now I know better

I used to think that people are basically good and that conflict arose from misunderstanding. Now I know better. People are basically stupid, selfish and cruel. We spend more on weapons than we do on medicine or food – what does that tell you about the human race? People only care about what’s in it for themselves and are only ever altruistic where it concerns self image, they want people to think well of them – no matter what their motivations and goals are.

I used to think that good would always prevail, but I’ve been disabused of that childish viewpoint. Now I know that stupidity always prevails and that all you can count on in this world is crudity of thought and deed. You see we are just monkeys after all. Our basic outlook is tribal and our prime motivator is fear. It’s hard to think straight when your default position is fear – all you can do is react – fight or flight are the orders of the day. Shave a monkey and you have a man, but being human takes effort – constant effort. Most never make that distinction and so they are immersed in the tribal.

“It’s them or us” they say, “If you are not with us, you are against us.” Well they look just like us to me. We all look the same – stupid and ugly. I used to think that the good outweighs the bad. I still do. A little good can undo a whole lot of bad, but we live in a world where they tell you that to kill can be bad, or good, depending on the cause. So now I know good can be bad and bad can be good – depending on who you are. If that sounds crazy to you – you’re right, it is. I used to think people were basically sane and that enlightened self interest would save us from insanity. I know better than that now; the greatest insanity was to believe we were ever sane.
Photograph ‘Shout16’ by Misha Cordon


  1. A difficult cup to swallow, Steppenwolf. I still try to believe in the goodness... the sanity... of humankind. I am challenged, every day. Still, I believe. I don't know if this is optimistic or unrealistic. Still, I believe. And I hope I won't be disappointed.


  2. I can only write as I feel Nevine and I guess I was feeling the hard edge when I wrote this piece. I do think that fear is our prime motivator - unfortunately, as I would prefer love - I believe that you can rely on people to do the most stupid things because of that. I think we are a kick in the arse off our simian ancestors and ought to recognize that we are indeed shaved monkeys. You can only progress,after all, when you know where you are starting from. I believe many of us are struggling to be human - but that the struggle goes on daily. Thank you for your comment Nevine - I truly hope that you won't be disappointed too. (I'm counting on it)

  3. Tremendous force, disturbing, and empowering. One shall never learn should one closes his eyes to the mirror. All the twisted faces of our social jungle, the deformity of our system, must be acknowledged. You astonish me seeking the personal responsibility, not wining, but surviving. The one among us that tends for a better version of himself, for ideas greater than him, will move this world. Thank you for the most enlightening literature you have provided your race with. I dream of development of more superior conscience, a better species with your intellectual and emotional power

  4. Thank you Lolita - I do think that as long as humanity regards themselves as semi divine, immortal souls specially created by 'our father' we will maintain a perversely distorted view of our race. If we but climb out of the clouds and realize that our origins are in the trees then we might begin to recognize the nature of our problems and our strengths. We are pack animals with all that entails - we live in ordered complex societies, but retain the instincts of the bush. We can surely learn to overcome instinct and the primacy of fear and develop those qualities we consider to be human, but only if we first recognize the monkey in our souls.