16 April 2013



Does what you’re doing

Make you wonder

Where you are going?

Best not to think about it


The remedy is simple

Press the needle to the lungs



Instant gratification

In vitro fertilization for the brain

Less haste – more speed

White lines lead off into the horizon

Where my past falls off the edge of the world

I stand enthralled

I’m drawn to the scene

I do not say I’m compelled


The Inca in me holds a morbid fascination in the patterns of disgrace…


So many faces to remember

So many places I’ve been

I was young

I was arrogant

I was doped up

I was right


Put my head on a stone

Quite happy for a while

Your average stone is lighter than air

If you know where to put it


Everything that could be done – was done

The comedown was fairly sharp

I held him in my arms

as his life ebbed away

He didn’t remember my name

That’s when I knew

He was never coming back from this one

Beam me up – the Mothership is waiting

I forged my connection – along with my papers

I’m out of here – on the first reliable conveyance


I like to get out of my tree every now and then

I find it most beneficial

Helps me remember what to forget



  1. Praveen Parasar16 April 2013 at 22:41

    "Put my head on a stone
    Quite happy for a while" wisdom through such simple lyrics...Like it.

    1. Thank you Praveen - glad you enjoyed