14 November 2011



Richard brought her around
they brought some booze
which soon ran out
while he was out buying more
I fucked her on the kitchen table
I still can’t remember her name
but she was a looker
or I was very drunk

Richard arrived back just in time
to see her straighten her dress
and me pulling up my jeans
he had that resigned disappointed look
that told me this was not his first time
he dropped the booze and left
not all bad news then – he left the booze

we drank some more
she tearfully told me she loved him
as I undid her blouse
we fucked with less passion than before
we took the time to get low down and dirty
when the booze was gone
she remembered
she had a full bottle of gin at home

I was beginning to get the impression
that booze was a big part of her life
she took a minute to locate the car keys
“Les go” she said
“No” I replied, “Les call a cab”
she would have none of that
she pronounced,
 in slurred speech,
that she’d drive home
with me or without me

that’s how I found myself driving shotgun
in a weaving death trap
I steered from the passenger seat
and she operated the pedals.
we were both blind drunk.
still, I wasn’t so drunk
that I wasn’t terrified

all the time I was thinking;
will I die like this, drunk in a pile up
with a nymphomaniac alcoholic
squeezing my crotch
as I steer through the blurred traffic
on my way to a bottle of gin?
Christ, I don’t even like gin.


  1. Thankfully or tearfully ;-) I haven't had to make that choice since I was 21...

  2. Hahaha, what a tale and so well told. I adore the cyclops skull at the top of the page. That is excellent, John - a double treat :)

  3. Thank you Ray there are many more where that came from I'm afraid - thank god for my present level of maturity and sobriety ;)

  4. Peaceful Flower3 April 2014 at 00:07

    Wow, what a ride, no pun intended, but this was loaded from beginning to end. Magnificent story and excellent telling of it. Very well done John Jack!!!

    1. I'm much more responsible now - I swear...

  5. wow john...that tale just hit it straight..... obsession, lust, fear, booze... perfect recipe...

    1. Thank you Praveen - just another Saturday night at my place....