19 April 2011



They say the Kiowa people snare Moondogs in golden filaments

They wear their luminous pelts to dance in their lunar mystery rites

When the big shiny glows like a silver dollar across the wilderness

And them Moondogs hunt the dark in packs and tug Coyote tails

Their howls fill the night air eerie as spirit songs on the breezing

They paint the Joshua trees large and the Desert Lupines aquatic frost

Them Moondogs cavort like ghosts and caterwaul in the inky

Their rhythms light those blues when the sky falls on the land

And we are sunk under her mystic woven blanket of dreams

Them Moondogs chase their tails around the angles in between





  1. so weird to come here and find this piece - i was just over at a friend's blog where she was talking about a "lone wolf" type dog - actually a domesticated wolf - at the local doggie park - and went on to liken the dogs there to the different political factions in this country - and i remarked about the kiowa chief "lone wolf" - and here i find the kiowa people snaring moondogs in golden filaments! very neat piece - i know what you mean about rushing to put the words down that seem to demand immediate attention! ;)

  2. Ah, synchronicity strikes again Gypsywoman. I seem to get ideas at the most inopportune moments - like when I'm about to fall asleep, or when I'm bathing, or I'm miles away from home. Sometimes it's just as I awaken, as with this piece, and I have to get the words down quickly before thinking starts to mutate the words.