11 April 2011

Empire of Broken Promises



Craters filled with dinosaur teeth

Vast archives of dusty elephant tusks

Mountains of torn old manuscripts

Broken road signs and tattered flags

Crazy paving stones leading nowhere

Fractured rainbows and sullen assent

False prophets and broken idols

Idiotic geometries of insane dimension

Incestuous romantics beating off franticly

To jungle rhythms played on thigh bones

Mutant junky baboons tapping veins

Wiping their asses with William Burroughs

Living relics of the beaten generation

This is the land of who gives a fuck

Where tomorrow never comes around

Where the streets have no shame

Whores give blowjobs for food stamps

And souls are rented by the hour

Jesus never lived in this neighbourhood

The light here comes from a darker sun

The residents await repatriation to hell

Nothing comes easy or cheap here

It’s the sleazy dark side of civilization

Spreading like a cancer across the city

Creeping like a nightmare into your room

A kingdom of have little’s and have naught’s

A filthy empire of broken promises




  1. You are too kind ladies I just string words together in the hope that something comes out of it beyond the insane jabber of a disturbed mind - here on the inside of my distillery weird concoctions ferment into strange and varied liqors of dubious vintage - sometimes they taste fine and sometimes I use 'em as bat repellant - my belfry is infested with 'em.

  2. Love this one! Hope you are well my friend. Missing you and thinking of you!

  3. 'Incestuous romantics beating off frantically'.

    Great line.

    I like the new logo, too.

  4. Thank you Stephanie, good to hear from you.

    Thanks Spencer, good to hear from you too. Glad you like the logo.