3 November 2016

Bone Men


We all go out to harvest bones in the wilderness. It’s a world away from titties and beer, but it puts meat on the table and that’s what sifts the men from the boys. Bone men deal in certainties as sure as sorrow is a distillation of pain in the brain pan. Down back of the beyond we know the lost spaces like the backs of our hands. So dummy up and listen close while we tell you the best places a man can write his name large in the firmament; be it the name your mother gave you, or the name the world gave you, or the name you stole and made your own. You never know with these things – just where you come from – or where you go, but you know where you are and that’s enough to swallow in a single sitting. So all things being equal under a sorry sky – if you have the art of writing and the reach to gather stars – you just might leave a mark; which is more than you have a right to.



  1. Well done!
    One can read this
    One can read this

  2. Thank you Martin for your kind indulgence - I'm glad that you got something from my wee piece