18 July 2013



a long time ago

the great god Yahweh

unleashed on the Earth

war, plague, famine, and death

in generalised semantics

parasitic beings

homo sapiens

bearing fatal messages

of peace, love and harmony

while they butchered

with glorious indifference

and espoused primal laws

the survival of the fittest

to justify their ignorance

pleased to meet you

you and me shoot good

we be friends

eat my gun



  1. Phenomenal. Great psychological and social weight. I admire the depth of the authentic symbolism in this piece. And coolest finale

    makes you think, nothing more powerful to wake men than the clash with something greater that unleashes his nature

    1. That you Natasha - I was playing with this one for a wee while - I'm glad that you like it.

  2. Yahweh was terrified to see man
    Emerging from the slime
    Evolving to homo sapiens
    With power to think and create
    Love and compassion were mere ruses
    He wanted to devastate
    His rising rival
    He created chaos,destruction,carnage
    He tried every trick in his trade
    But man went on growing and growing
    Till Yahweh had to retreat
    And now hides only
    In caves of dark minds

    1. I could not agree more Suresh except that Yahweh is a figment of our primitive imagining that we ought to have outgrown by now.