19 June 2013



when it’s on me

it’s a speedball

an acid rush

the distilled rays of the sun

burn into my retinas

fuse the membrane

and flood my head

with a rainbow song

then I’m a supernova

I’m a lightning strike

an atomic bomb

I’m the Empire State

and the monster Kong

I’m a gushing torrent

a tidal wave

I’m a rattle snake

with a diamond back

I’m the seventh son

I’m a maniac



  1. I don't like this. I love it!! So full of allusions to such powerful imagery and ideas!!! The last four lines especially would make a great chorus for a hard-rockin' song Excellent John!!

    1. The up side of bi-polarity is that every now and then you get to feel like the chosen one. Better than any drug - that high borders on the edge of being dangerous, but I still love it when it happens.

  2. Praveen Parasar19 June 2013 at 11:08

    loved lyrical, being high brings out the song...isn't it...

    1. It certainly does Praveen - better fun than my usual dark dirges

  3. Bethany Wiseblood19 June 2013 at 15:38

    Fabulous!!! You captured exaclty how it feels when I have a manic episdoe,that all encompassing rush + power! It very true that no drug can ever match it for wired adrenalin as surges through me

    1. The extremities are something you just can't explain to people Bethany - they think they know - they even romanticise manic depression, but it's one hell of a roller coaster at times. I can be quite a handful when I'm high.

    2. Bethany Wiseblood19 June 2013 at 16:01

      Couldnt agree more,they have no concept of what it is like,it is hugely romatancised by those who dont know,it's a very rose tinted view.I know when I'm high I'm definitely a force of nature + that hardfor others cope with.I guesss the one thing is that with our rollercoaster moods we have variety,even if the down times can be extremely hard to cope with,but never dull!