12 December 2012


The rain poured down
On the dark and dreary town
Heavy industrial gloom
Settled like a mantle of black ash
On my old hometown
The crushing weight of sanity
Cast an oppressive pall
Over the grimy rooftops
I had to prize open his coffin lid
To ascertain the cause of death
They say he jumped
But he was pushed
No-one ever jumps
They are all pushed
We lifted him from his coffin
And left him in the open air
Where the crows could get at his flesh
Where the sun could bleach his bones
And the wind could caress his carcass
Like whispers of ancient words forgotten
And the rain poured down
On the living and the dead
I felt a chill and so very, very old

1 comment:

  1. Chilling and intense...
    "No-one ever jumps,
    They are all pushed" this is intense.... you are so good with words John...