19 March 2012


Travel me
Unravel me
Baffle me
Turn me out
Face me east to my western horizon. Scoop me out and lay me down. Feast me on the bitterest poisons. Fix me with a fungal crown. I just crossed the great divide and am weary from the journey. I am nearly upside down.
Pump it in
Pour it out
Rub it on
Inhale – exhale
Spark it up
Sniff it down
Snuff it out
Skin it back
Tear it down
Break through to some new dimension. Set my course for perverse direction. I am hungry for the knowledge that means so little, but says too much. I’ve been stuck here in the middle, now I’m flying toward the ground.
Anoint my head
With manna from heaven
Spike me upward
Drag me down
Ball my lightning
Take me under
Turn me on
Turn me around
With my confusion
Make me whole
If not holy
Bake me outside
In the sun


  1. "Make me whole
    If not holy
    Bake me outside
    In the sun" ..... nice work john

  2. Fantastic John :)