12 January 2012



The wind tugs at my memory

Some half forgotten murmur

Of the wilder country

Of forbidden places

And ancient curses


The whale that swallowed Jonah

Swallowed me as well

But the whale got sick

And turned me loose

I’ve been loose ever since

Except when I was screwed

Tighter than a drum


I’d rather be the devil

Than be that woman’s man

We did the dog – bitch thing

Smiling like it was a virtue

We did the low yo-yo

With no inhibition or shame

And no sense of joy

The sex was good

But the karma was bad


I learned what it feels like

To become a beast

My face is fluid now

It can take any form

Angels and demons

Dance across my surfaces

Tumbling through my void

Twinkling like children

In the summer of my daydreams

And the winter of my nights


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  1. Seemingly irrepressible howls of our wolves...