7 December 2011

The Sickness Of The World


The golden monkey perches on my shoulder at a jaunty angle and whispers sweet somethings into my shell; acerbic poison drips from his maggot tongue. He has a hard on full of malicious spunk for my ear. He knows the words that I dread and the words I long to hear – I’m a receptacle to the villainous bile he spurts across the frozen waste of my heart. He’s a long term vice, as addictive as smack, and harder to ditch; he’s part of my fabric – my DNA.

I have always been the victim of my own machinations. I always gave in to the blunt and vicious side of my nature. I feed that hump monkey with my bitter delusions and confectionery lies. I’m not a victim, I’m a volunteer. The sickness of this world is fear; fear of disclosure, fear of truth. Creeping fear is my enemy, but my fear will set me free. Fear is the prime motivator, the scent of excitement, the stench of dread apprehension; take a little whiff and he’ll make your wildest dreams seem true.

My cloak of invincibility, my masquerade of masculinity, are driven by the shameful quirt of fear. The whole public edifice hangs on one tarnished nail – the threat of exposure, the disgrace of discovery. Fear is the touch of death, my most secret paramour. Fear has driven me to the contortions and exploits that map the surfaces of my life, but the hidden depths are his alone – he is Emperor of the interior. My internal story is one of revolution, of my struggle against his tyranny. I’ve learned throughout the years that even tyrants fall, but the odds are stacked against it.



  1. relate to the devil within..... big time

    1. Aye, even the best of us carries a petty tyrant within - it's he/she who relays our instructions. But when I finally plucked up the courage to confront mine - you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that the monster that had over shadowed my entire life - was still a little boy. Did I succeed in vanquishing my diminutive foe? Fuck no.