15 June 2014



“no-one fucks like that”

she said

“unless they mean it”

I had given it full expression

and I had meant it

in the heat of the moment

with the fire in my loins


hers was not my circus


those were not my monkeys


“what’s wrong?”

“don’t you fancy me?”

her eyes searched mine

I averted – shame faced

silence was evidence

of my betrayal

I did not know what to say

the feeling just wasn’t there

well, that was my story

and I stuck to it


that was the story I told

and told over again

until I forgot it was a lie

it was a story of innocence

it was far from the truth

I have two glass eyes

and a silver tongue

I can lie with the best

and often do

but most of the time

I only deceive myself

with my harmless

acts of treason


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