19 October 2010

Dirty Harry

I don’t think too much about it, I just write from whatever direction the wind’s blowing. I have no flags to wave, I don’t believe in ‘things’ - so I got no use for flags. I have no cause to affect and no mission to accomplish. I already set myself free, as befits a man of my temperament.

I have no beef with anyone in the normal flow of events, but when some numb nutted, bovine brained, cloven hoofed, worm tongued, would-be Wordsworth wanders lonely as a fucking cloud across MY horizon - I figure, why shoot the breeze – when you can shoot the messenger? - I bark bullets - I don’t take prisoners - I don’t have the facilities.

I dish out summary execration to anyone waxing lyrical on the virtues of agape, or how their soul abideth with some mythological god. I read them their rights  – before I ram my muzzle home - and loose my words - BLAM! - d’ya feel that? - BLAM! BLAM! – do you understand? BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! - any questions? - then we’re done here – one less polygluttonous book maggot wasting good paper.

*This work is entirely fictitious and any resemblance to person or persons actual or fictional is purely co-incidental. The views expressed here are not necessarily not the views of the author.

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  1. and so powerfully said! bravo!

  2. Thank you GypsyWoman. Those bullets are for real. Remember - no prisoners, we aint got the room!

  3. Freedom/More than a word/Say it like you see it/Shoot from the hip/Speak your truth from the lip/
    I got no time for that established trash that muddies the waters either...

  4. That’s right Robert, a good man always knows those imitations, no Miranda rights for those suckers – those people are guilty until they’re proven guilty - so just shoot ‘em - nothing wrong with a little shooting - as long as the right people get shot!

  5. no room, nor inclination, sir!

    love monk's comment - shoot from the hip, speak your truth from the lip!!!

  6. Wow - you know when I first wrote that line it actually said 'I don’t take prisoners, I don’t have the room, or the inclination.' I think it's a case of great minds - rather than fools seldom, don't you? Yes, Robert hit the target alright. Remember, shoot first and issue citations later. Thank you GypsyWoman - ever a pleasure.

  7. And shake shake down
    The wordsworth clowns of tart trees
    past classical brains whithered
    pulp no more as future dreams
    need awaken to be the being away
    from the ways of false lore that led
    to simplicity industrialistic societies
    that waste our minds to negativity
    and anxiety bled
    again and again we cannot douse the blemish
    and away the sent killers roam
    to annihilate the dead dreams of dreamers dead to allow the new standard to be free
    to forget the past idolatry that's only left us shallow and plastic, weak willed elastics
    pop sensations of blind following trends
    will all at once come to an end
    as Earth rears her heart
    and floods away humanity!
    Praise the day
    praise the day away into
    the new freedoms destroy DESTROY
    DESTROY THE OLD ideals and blast all away
    you are now the soldiers of destiny
    preserve history
    reject stupidity
    and actually live exhale....

    Wow! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend!
    NO where as deep as yours!
    Your piece was like a roller coaster!
    Magnificent! This character is longing to release himself of all ills like a prisoner falsely imprisoned.. as w become in our day to day grind.

  8. 'The Wordsworth clowns of tart trees' - I love it Urban Hippie, beautiful comment. Ain’t you sick of the effete elite, navel gazing, banner servants, telling us this - is that. Lecturing from a plastic dais while conducting their unfinished sympathy’s? Curtain twitching, window worriers who tell us art should reflect the ideal – because they reject the real. Agoraphobic identity jugglers - who have to find themselves in books so they can write it down in other peoples words and then wave it like a fucking flag while they march to the music of somebody else’s long dead band. I got no time to worry about who I am, or what shape the world is. I gotta put meat on this table and I ain’t gonna find it in here.

  9. A man's got to know his limitations, a piece of philosophy that has always been a guiding rule for me.

    I do feel lucky tho', you fired six shots.

  10. Well, to tell you the truth Kinkynik in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself, but I think your right. I suppose your gun is still loaded - smart arse! Thanks Nik - you're always welcome.

  11. This is a hate message you sad loser