28 August 2010


Nymphet strumpet whores cascade down Picasso Avenue in giant stiletto heels. Crack monkeys in sharp threads and wearing sharper faces tap the windows of passing limousines with black – blue metallic shiny raven sheen, driven by sanguine velvet dust junkies with golden smiles and populated by porcine businessmen with their million dollar hookers.
”Weed?, speed?, oxy’s?, meth?, smack?, crack?, coke?, crank?, acid?, E’s?, 'shrooms?, ludes?, peyote?, snake oil?, embalming fluid?” Sample sewn satin linings open like bat wings. “I can turn you on.”

Suburban voyeurs are hassled by dealers, whores and panhandle cops, student vessels trapped in the neon glow. Fledglings crunch popcorn as they pitter patter through pools of blood that await the rain. Zebras and Lions stalk the crowded sidewalks, Vultures feed on carrion. It’s a dog eat dog world, only they ate all the dogs a long time ago. The cops frisk the feeble hearted for dope and pennies, peanuts, but that’s what you get when you hire monkeys. 

A moon faced born again ding dong chants Hari Krishna hip hop style. His hands spasm before him, signing in ancient Indian semaphore – ‘stay away’. The wolves haven’t eaten him yet ‘cause it’s considered bad luck to eat crazy meat. The innocent are herded and fleeced in a revolving strip show of brutality, horror and vice. Layers of degradation and corruption are peeled for their delectation. Most of them will make it home, but some will end up with their teeth in somebody’s necklace. The rest is just hamburger meat.
The End


  1. Excellent free-verse, my friend!

    This is a gritty beauty of the urban atmospheres existing throughout the world, and growing. A;though literature throughout the times has shown witness to this effect in every major city/town, it's at a place it's never been before!
    Drugs, addiction, synthetics, and a pathetic, slavish, religious belief to absolute authority and absolute economy is eroding our brothers and sisters and children trying to survive in these situations... only to become part of the illness eventually. I witness it every day in the city I live.
    We as a modern people have suppressed our ancient civility for childish idealistic endeavors of forgettable material crap!
    And we kill for this??? Steal? Start empty wars when all they need to do is have a couple pints and yap it out?
    A very emotional and wonderfully descriptive piece (at least in my perspective).

    -Peace, Yo! (wherever you can get it)

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments Urban Hippie. You hit the nail on the head my friend. Humanity has gone feral. Only big cats will survive.

  3. I concur with you both absolutely.

    I do direct a lot of blame at Bliar et al.

    His crew deliberately pulled the ladder up behind them, the state education system dumbed down so that the next generation can't think what questions they should ask, then they end up as cannon fodder.

    More importantly I did enjoy the verse and it's arrangement.

  4. Thank you for your complimentary comments kinkynik. They are most warmly received.

    Remember Margaret Thatcher? She really butchered education in Britain, part of an ideology aimed at turning back the clock to industrial slavery and cannon fodder.They're all much the same really; Blair promised much, but did the same. I've been quite amazed at the simplistic nonsense they were teaching my son at school. We live in a culture where those that think are mocked and stupidity (being mental) give one Kudos. You've got to fear for the future of a culture like that.

  5. Wow! I love the flow, the feel of it. You can almost smell the dirt in the street.

  6. Thank you Lazarus, your approbation is most warmly received.