30 April 2010

My Death Song

I am


my death song.

It's very short,

It won't take long,

Maybe you can sing along,

We are singing our death song,

Bones crunch,

And marrow crumble,

As into the dark we stumble,

We are singing our death song,

It's really time

that we




I take some pills in the morning,

I take some pills at night.

They create the illusion,

That everything's alright.

They banish confusion,

And make my burden light.

They create the illusion,

That everything's alright.

28 April 2010

The Wolf At The Door

If you wanted to keep the wolf from you door,

What the hell were you feeding it for?

Now he comes and goes at will,

Whenever he's got time to kill,

Lock the door, don't let him in,

Don't let the wolf under your skin,

I know what I'm talking about, you see,

There's a wolf in you,

There's a wolf in me.


A man acquainted with sorrow,
weary of the world, tired of life,
has no faith in tomorrow,
no taste for endless strife,
sorrow rules his heart,
and measures every beat,
tears his soul apart,
and turns his flesh to meat.

Everything Is Grey

I die a thousand deaths,

each and every day,

The pain here in my breast,

Just won't go away,

I lost my dearest friend,

She has gone away,

And ever since she left,

Everything's gone grey,

She said that she'd return,

I can't wait for that day.

But until it comes,

Everything's gone grey.


A Secret


I found a secret,

heartache was the fee.

I found a secret,

and the secret was me.