15 June 2017



Perhaps I was reckless, but it was one of those fight or flight situations and I don’t run too well these days. I smelled trouble; he filled the room with its stench. Men like that don’t take prisoners – they measure their worth by the power of their fists and treat violence as a sport. Yes, I struck the first blow and I struck the last one too. There is no Christian in me – I don’t turn my cheek just to get it hit and I don’t wait to see what will happen when I sense danger.

You say I’m a savage and maybe you are right, but there is a time and place for savagery and it’s self preservation that motivates mine. I’ve heard self defence described as a noble art, but my concerns are more practical. I’ve seen what men like that can do to defenceless chumps and long ago decided that it would not happen to me. I’ve never hit a chump, but I’ve never been one either. I’ll run from a fight if that is the safest option; only a fool fights for pride. But I’ll stand my ground when cornered and there is no other way out. I did not invent violence and I do not condone it, but I won’t have it inflicted on me if I can prevent it. This world is full of savages and that is just a fact. I’d rather you considered me one of them than become one of their victims.