22 June 2017

Ego Sum…


the convenient fictions

that constitute the truth

can carve intractable issues

that remain unresolved

during a lifetime

of kitchen sink dramas

for everyone you meet

will take a bite of you

but the world

will swallow you whole



  1. Interesting; I read a couple of times straight through, then I took the title and read it again...
    I Am "The convenient fictions..."
    I Am "Can Carve..."
    I Am "Will take a bite of you..."
    Very interesting indeed.
    But, why the labels "Artists Only"?
    really liked this one, whether the divisions I inserted with I Am were intentional or not :)

  2. Yes Mimi 'I Am' is often how folk describe their chains. The label Artists Only comes from the Talkings Heads first record. There are though things I expect only artists understand, or try to understand.