13 December 2016

A Prayer


I said a prayer to the highway god.

Please don’t let me die alone

Out on this road

So far from home

They say that hungry worms conspire to rend the flesh of the recently expired. That we return to whence we came – to that unknown place which bears no name. Some say we’ll rise again to know no sorrow – to feel no pain. I don’t know the truth in that, because I’ve seen death up close and I don’t see no way back. So if I fall before my time; bury me beneath the sign that points my way back home; and carve upon my stone that he was here and now is gone.


10 December 2016



it’s said the author lacks a soul

but he’s just sick and tired

of living on the dole

the objects he desired

the trinkets that he stole

the contraband acquired

have broken his parole


three wise monkeys roost

deaf and dumb and blind

the stupor they’ve induced

has quarantined his mind

his ambitions are reduced

to the apathetic kind

the words he here produced

his sorrow has defined