14 November 2015

Wicked Deeds


they say that wicked deeds cast long shadows

that just as blackness creeps to smother every day

so that same darkness reigns in the hearts of men

who take to words of war only to perish by the sword

that men who dwell in evil times and have evil thoughts

derive grim comfort from the suffering of their enemies


but I have seen that friendship casts the clearest light

that it is light which prevails to illuminate the day

and that which resides naturally in the hearts of men is love

for those who spread the word of love and live by its dictates

and all of those who dwell in the spirit of affection

derive great joy from the happiness of their brothers


each man believes in the justice of his own cause

for some this belief surpasses all understanding

to be the author of cruel and murderous deeds

is to reject the light and lessen their own humanity

to close the mind to love is to embrace cancerous hatred

which itself can only do harm through some human agency


I believe the good outweighs the bad in this world

that in acts of kindness we express our true humanity

all it takes is a little goodness to show us the error of violence

and that if you do harm to one – then you do harm to us all

we require open minds and hearts to perceive the possibility

that we who share this world are all brothers and sisters

and the courage of our convictions to then act accordingly


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