5 November 2015



That’s a finely honed edge – diamond cut. Ideal for dissection or vivisection these blades come with a lifetime guarantee – your lifetime that is. You’ll never buy a better set of knives. These are no Jack the Ripper slasher tools – these are a set of precision instruments cast in the finest Sheffield steel by craftsmen with pedigree. Whether your work is surgical excision or exploratory investigation these will cut like laser beams time after time.

Never again will you wish you had your fingers on the appropriate instruments for your more intricate work; you’ll feel these are a part of your hands. They practically guide themselves through soft tissue and even the toughest sinew. These blades are weapons in the arsenal of reason – inductive and heuristic tools of discovery that are as at home testing ad hoc hypotheses as they are in the surgery loping off limbs.

Furthermore, if it should ever come to pass that you intend to utilise one of these scalpels in the foreshortening of your own life – let us assure you that due to the extraordinary keenness of the cutting edge you will nary feel a thing. I think we can guarantee you a gentleman’s death in any circumstance, should such a need ever arise.



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