5 October 2015

Little Secrets


hush now girl

and dry your eyes

we’ll leave this in the dark

and there it shall remain

let it bask in the shadow

of simmering despair

behind closed doors

and spotless reputation

to fester in the gloom

of everlasting shame

we’ll agree to silence

this shall remain unspoken

it’ll be our little secret

just between we two

we’ll keep this in the dark

for no-one else to share



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Praveen - much appreciated

  2. I have to reEnter what I wrote, because Google+ software sucks by refreshing the page.
    O.K. here we go.
    This is serious shit you write about, JJ.
    The situation, you describe, I cannot stand, dark vibes that cannot face the light, but are present all around us.
    Put the lid on, secrecy is abusive, mind-manipulator, binding two people, or a group, together for a cause that is in most cases, serves self-interest. The not outspoken, like a shadow, entangled in lies, fear that the truth slips the lips.
    Common factor in society, now and forever.
    Well written, makes a person think that's always good.

  3. Thank you Doris for your kind comments with which I concur wholeheartedly. It's ironic, but in my experience the abusers worst nightmare is losing his, or her, victim. The abuse is all about control - ironic because the abuse is often what destroys the relationship. It seems - viewed that way that the victim has the power over the abuser. I'd like to examine that power dynamic some day. I grew up in a household dominated by a petty tyrant - so I have loads of material to exploit...