13 October 2015




In this incestuous season

when winds tug and drag and squall

I adopt a certain swagger

stepping out - light and tall

when I roll out my thing

when I got my mojo burning

the flame I carry burns bright

too bright to by extinguished

by mere autumnal rain

incandescent and villainous

I was never elected to this post

I stole it on the quiet

from some chump who came before

he put up quite a struggle

so I stabbed him in the throat

least said the soonest mended

so dummy up and listen nice

I’m being groomed by the organisation

for a position in the shade

they were all impressed

by the bloody mess I’d made



  1. Replies
    1. The Emperor Napoleon - the greatest narcissist of them (us) all

  2. Well said - monsters and insane persons are populating our history books, as kings, queens and adored, people look up to them - very important people .

    1. And I'm no less insane as the next man. I too am prone to the odd outburst of pomposity and grandiosity.