6 October 2015

Black Cat


I’m the black cat that crosses your path

The unlucky spider you find in the bath

I’m the Jonas that choked the whale

The tragic news in the morning mail

I’m the thirteenth son of a thirteenth son

The unwelcome guest that spoils your fun

I’m the broken mirror on your living room wall

I’m the open umbrella you left in the hall

I’m the proverbial penny that always turns up

The foreboding leaves at the bottom of your cup

I’m the crack in the pavement that breaks your back

I’m the whole world of woe tied up in a sack



  1. brings the night alive, feel the fear

  2. Thank you Praveen - I know what it's like to feel a Jonas and that terrible foreboding that something terrible lurks just around the corner. Those dark nights when your whole life seems to be a narrative of bad luck...