10 December 2014



Of course I stoke the pot from time to time – only to make things stretch a little further. Times is tough and out on the perimeter it’s often hand to mouth, but only a fool would starve if there is gravy to be had.

Oh Mother, shell a little corn our way and forgive our misdemeanours – taking countless previous offences into consideration. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from the fat cats who would drive us into penury. No one works to be poor and we abide in the hope that there ain’t no paupers in the kingdom to come...


  1. The tough times do go down a littler easier with gravy but where is the gravy train to take everyone out of pain and fear of living hand to mouth?

    1. I know Mimi - and it only seems to be getting worst for the poor - I advocate worldwide revolution - a good dose of democratic socialism would not go amiss. Thanks for you comment - much appreciated - as ever