17 December 2014



The shrapnel in my sky rocket won’t fetch another drink and it looks like I’m walking home tonight, but I won’t be alone. A life on the lam has proved less than profitable, but what does it benefit a man to gain the world and lose his mojo? You know what they say about life – that it’s not your destination but who you travel with that counts. I have known people; some were good – some were not. You know that you can rent friends, but you won’t keep those. A wise guy once said that a real friend should be prized beyond riches because they cannot be bought – while fair weather friends and faint hearted lovers are ten a penny. Your real friends will lend a shoulder when the cuckoos in your nest turn out to be vipers in your bosom. They won’t fold and run when the going gets tough, broadcast your secrets, or otherwise stab you in the back. A friend will lift you up and go the extra mile. A friend won’t try to change you to suit their own needs – they love you for who you are.


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