4 November 2014

Dirty Boots


I’m nothing but a stranger in this land

of awkward gaits and twisted tongues

lost for a time, but now in season

this is the story of my return


these are the suicidal days of autumn

when heavy winds scourge the earth

and persistent rain bleaches the life

from sallow skinned natives


I’m a flightless bird, a drowning fish

a crock of broken promises

at the grey end of the rainbow


I’m a cesspit full of stinking lies

buried beneath the garden weeds

the distillation of crocodile tears

bittersweet and poisonous


I’m the product of excreta

spewed from angry mouths

a child birthed in anguish

and raised on baneful legends


incongruous momentum

sows havoc at my heels

the accumulation of oxidised dreams

red ochre are caked to my feet

heavy shit to scrape from my boots


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