22 June 2014



I’d gone too far

everybody said so

it was only when

I found myself alone

that I began to believe them


diagnosed as faulty

back in ‘91

they took me in

on an observational basis

I soon learned the score

softly, softly

catchy monkey

little steps to health

don’t tell ‘em you’re done

they won’t believe you


I had to carry my gear with me

to protect my identity

from nurses

head shrinkers

and psychos


homeless for a time

I wept in silence

in that cold asylum

‘til I found the route

that would lead me home


I was nameless then

when all those stone faces

shunned me at the doorstep

I had to reinvent myself

to overcome the stigma

of public crucifixion


others would pad the story

and sell the bad news

as glad tidings

to their jealous troupe

of sycophantic stooges

but that was long ago now

and only fools

hold on

to an injurious past


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