6 April 2014



Shug was a wise guy

Always ready with a joke

And a wry comment

Everybody knew Shug

He was face

In the boondocks

A local hero

Shug had a junk habit

He sorted me out once

When my head was bad

I floated home an angel

On flimsy velvet wings


One day Shug came to me

To ask if he could

Take the hose

From an old vacuum cleaner

That I’d discarded

I said “sure – help yourself”

I didn’t ask why he wanted it

He was found the next day

Dead in his car

He’d used the hose

To pump in the exhaust fumes

That took his life


No-one knew why

He’d left no note

The car was parked

On his mothers drive

For several months

I used to pass it every day

I’d think about Shug

And how his mother

Must have felt

Looking at that morbid reminder

Day after day



  1. Sad and haunting...as it gets...

    1. Thank you Praveen - it is a sad story and one that seems incomplete as Shug left no letter...