9 April 2014



We went on a drive

Yvonne and I

Up through the highlands

To Loch Ericht

We picnicked there

Beside the water


She told me how

Her brother nearly

Drowned in that loch

And of the savage

Undertow that lurked

A hundred yards out

Where the shallow

Shelf ended

And the deep began


We fucked that day

Beside the Loch

A bus load of pensioners

Watched us from the road

We were embarrassed

When we spotted them

They seemed quite

Cheerful though


We later learned

That my friend Stuart

Had been skinny dipping

In the same Loch

The same night

With a bunch of friends

Loaded on booze and drugs

Stuart went out too far

And never made it back

Beware the undertow

It will drag you down


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