24 March 2014



He was beautiful, blonde and gay

That scared a lot of folks

But it’s an ugly old world

Full of frightened people


Our dirty little town

Was as shitty as the next

It was no place for gays

It was no place for him


But he didn’t give a damn

About small minded people

He’d rub their noses in it

He’d play the queen  to great effect


They shunned him

They insulted him

They assaulted him

They even stabbed him


But he would not go away

He would not slink off

Into some dark corner

He would not feel ashamed


But he was an outsider

I know he felt like one

It doesn’t pay to be gay

In a working class town


He had a little clique

About a dozen guys

They’d go out dancing

And risk a beating


They had their own scene

It was more like a ghetto

They all lived like shadows

But not our Leslie


He lived like a giant

The prince of the homos

He bowed to no man

Because Leslie was free


The thing about Leslie

Was he lived to excess

One day he choked to death

On some poisonous pills


Hardly a day passes

That I don’t think about him

The best are taken early

It’s always been that way


I think he was the bravest man

That I have ever seen

I’m proud to say I loved him

And proud that he loved me



  1. Praveen Parasar25 March 2014 at 09:31


  2. Stunning, John!

  3. Peaceful Flower25 March 2014 at 11:45

    brilliant piece, I absolutely love it. Great story!!!!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Debra

  4. Nice John, kind of brought a tear to my eye. I'm proud to have known Les to,i loved him too , unfortunately such a waste of young talent may he r.i.p !