9 August 2013



Something squirms under my skin

The filthy maggots of crawling chaos

Are devouring me from within

There is a sickness in me clawing to get out

Some perversely misshapen nightmare

Awaits its moment of gory triumph

I’m a fragile vessel

For so much destructive energy

It’s hard to contain the fracture in my psyche

When the body rots away around me

I’m a glass of curdled milk

The acidic flavour of vomit

I’m all silenced angst

A fear that cannot speak its name

My limbs are deadened appendages

Conduits for energy sapping pain

I’m the first of a new species

Homo rejectus

Unregulated, strictly limited edition

Awkward in its birth

Disgusting in its metamorphosis



  1. Speed freaks call 'em crank bugs - that feeling that there is something under your skin. I feel them sometimes devouring me from the inside like some cancerous itch I cannot reach. It's like turning inside out - like some sort of re-birth on the accelerator 'up' or 'down'. Whatever direction I'm facing - that's the way I'll be heading into the stars - or into this ditch.

  2. Stunning work. Happy to have run across this.