19 July 2013



Today I am become a beast

I feel sick, I go to the bathroom

My face is fluid

I could take on any form

I am radiant in my face

I stretch out on the bed

I feel her sit down

I am what we both are at last

I can see she is ready

I, too, am ready

Why always more women?

What am I trying to achieve?

I can’t stand the rubbers

It’s bareback for me

The risk of disease

That cunt is riddled with it

Death lurks between her thighs

The bedroom door is locked

We’re trapped on the inside

Where time is immaterial

We rut like billy goats

Into the dawn



  1. Fascinating work. Delicious language. Art film scene. Impeccable focus on human relations, claustrophobic feel of brutal existence. "Death lurks between her thighs" is so memorable, has certain Morison type of vibe.

  2. Thank you Natasha - I'm glad that you enjoyed my piece. I take the Morrison reference as a compliment.